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Stimulus checks for financial help worth up to $850 available in these 10 states

Gas prices and inflation are on the rise, and states are stepping in to help with stimulus checks and payments for residents.

cash some state residents can see from stimulus check payments

Some cities or states are sending direct payments, while others send gas rebates.

In addition, some states have even suspended their gas tax temporarily.

Here are 10 states sending residents some form of stimulus checks

Colorado is sending residents up to $500 as long as they filed their 2021 tax return by June 30, 2022.

Delaware has started sending stimulus checks worth $300 to residents who filed their 2020 tax return.

Georgia is sending checks depending on the resident’s filing status.

Single filers get $250, head of household gets $375, and married filing jointly gets $500.

Hawaii is sending residents $300 if they make under $100,000 and $100 for everyone else.

Is the White House sending gas payments?

Idaho started sending payments worth 75% or 12% of residents Idaho state taxes, whichever was more.

Indiana is sending stimulus payments of $125 thanks to a surplus.

Maine residents are seeing $850 payments as long as they meet the income requirements.

Single filers must make $100,000 or less, head of household filers must make $150,000 or less, and couples filing jointly must make $200,000 or less.

New Jersey residents who did not qualify for the federal stimulus checks can now get the state stimulus worth $500, even if they’re undocumented.

New Mexico residents will see $250 if they make less than $75,000 as a single filer, or $500 as married filers making under $150,000.

Minnesota is giving some frontline workers payments of $750, but the application process has not started.

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