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Stimulus checks going out in 10 states worth up to $850

Millions of Americans received federal stimulus checks at the start of the pandemic, and now states are stepping up.

cash state residents could see from stimulus checks and stimulus payments

With the cost of groceries and gas rising rapidly, many people are struggling to make ends meet.

As the federal government handles plans like the Federal Energy Rebate Payment program, states are creating stimulus programs of their own.

10 states offering residents stimulus checks worth up to $850

Colorado is offering their residents rebates worth $400 which will be sent in September.

Residents must have filed their 2021 tax return by June 30, 2022 to get it.

Delaware is offering $300 stimulus relief payments for those who have filed 2020 tax returns.

Georgia is sending stimulus payments based on your filing status as long as your 2020 and 2021 tax returns are filed.

Single filers will see $250, head of household filers will see $375, and married filing jointly couples will see $500.

Economic impact checks were sent to billionaires

Hawaii is sending $300 stimulus payments to anyone making under $100,000 and $100 payments to everyone else.

Idaho is sending tax rebates worth $75 to residents, which started going out in March.

Indiana is sending $125 tax rebates. Payments started going out on a rolling basis in May.

Maine is sending some of the largest stimulus checks, worth $850 per person if they make less than $100,000 as a single filer.

Married filers will see $1,700 altogether if they file jointly.

New Jersey is sending $500 to nonresidents who did not get federal stimulus checks.

New Mexico is sending stimulus checks worth $500 to those making under $75,000 that filed a tax return for 2021.

Finally, Minnesota residents will see $750 if they’re a frontline worker.

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