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$73 million in duplicate stimulus grants awarded to colleges

The error sending $73 million of duplicate stimulus grants has been corrected.

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However, the Education Department says more needs to be done to prevent future mistakes.

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Who received the accidental funding?

The Education Department accidently awarded $73 million in pandemic emergency funding. This was done via the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). In August 2021, 24 colleges received duplicate stimulus funding. Federal stimulus funding helped keep colleges afloat and helped to boost state budgets for higher education.

The duplicate funds were a processing error from the Education Department Office of Postsecondary Education. The accidental funds occurred as a result of processing applications that accidentally applied to the HEERF program twice. The colleges are not at fault for the errors. Specific colleges were not named in the report.

Duplicate funds only accounted for 0.01% of the $76 billion allocated to funding to colleges and universities by the federal government  during the pandemic. Now, the Education Department is working on policies and procedures to prevent this.

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