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Child tax credit payments worth up to $1,000 in these 11 states

Families struggling may now have the option to collect child tax credit payments from their state worth up to $1,000 per year.

cash being held that can be seen after families receive their state's child tax credit

This could be a relief for millions since the ending of the federal child tax credit advanced payments.

Those failed to be extended in 2022, after lifting millions of children out of poverty in 2021.

Many of these states require you to file a tax return to claim the credit, so even if you’re a non-filer, it may be a good idea to file this year.

Here are 11 states that offer a child tax credit payment

California has what’s called the California earned income tax credit for low income workers.

If your child is under age 6, you mat qualify for the young child tax credit.

Up to $1,000 per child is available to families earning $25,000 or less.

Colorado is starting a child tax credit similar to the one the federal government offered.

2022 CTC: Who is eligible for $2,000 payments?

Starting in 2023, residents may claim the credit, which depends on your income and filing status.

Connecticut has started a rebate worth $250 per child, for up to 3 children.

Idaho is paying parents $205 per child, but it’s nonrefundable.

Illinois is paying parents with an income below $40,000 if single and $60,000 if married $100 per child under 17.

For every $2,000 made past the income threshold, the credit is reduced by $5.

Maine of paying families $300 per child.

Maryland is giving residents with an AGI of less that $6,000 payments of $500 per child under the age of 17.

New York is offering the Empire child tax credit for kids over age 4 but under age 17.

You must meet certain criteria before you can qualify.

New Mexico is paying up to $175 per child under House Bill 163.

Oklahoma residents can get 5% of the federal child tax credit through their state.

Finally, Vermont is sending $1,000 for each child under the age of 5 to households making $125,000 and under.

This phases out entirely at $175,000 after $20 per $1,000 over the threshold is made.

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