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OPINION: Red flag laws, weak-willed Republicans like Claudia Tenney threat to Second Amendment

Editor’s Note: The follow is an op-ed written by Congressional Candidate Mario Fratto. If you have an editorial or op-ed for submission send it to [email protected].

When violent riots were destroying communities and leaving dozens dead in the summer of 2020, why were gun sales surging, especially in blue states? Because even those on the left understand that guns aren’t just toys for shooting at targets or recreational hunting.

Without the right to bear arms we wouldn’t have a country. And for those who have a false sense of security that “the military will protect us,” remember that in 1776 the military was the British, and without an armed populace we would still be subjects, not citizens.

Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is our only true safeguard for all other rights. This is why it is absolutely critical not to allow any more infringement on the Second Amendment.

The Democrats, will “never let a crisis or tragedy go to waste.” And that is exactly what is happening now. The speed at which Democrats and their Republican allies have proposed new, unconstitutional gun legislation after tragedies is appalling.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

But what is just as appalling is how many “Republicans” join with the Democrats to strip away our rights. One of my Republican primary opponents, Claudia Tenney bragged that she is the “most bipartisan” member of Congress and that she knows we need to “take two steps forward and one step back” in order to compromise with the Left.

That spirit of “compromise” has led her to vote for a Red Flag law on September 23, 2021 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4350), which would allow a court to confiscate legal guns from individuals without due process.

“Republicans” like Tenney defend these votes in the spirit of “compromise” in exchange for funding programs important to them. This has led her to be rated one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress by the American Conservative Union.

Weak-willed Republicans are the downfall of our party and soon to be the downfall of our country. The establishment has failed us and it is too late give them another chance. This is a time to stand our ground and fight for our rights.

That’s why I’ve decided to run for Congress. I won’t compromise on the Second Amendment or any of our other conservative principles, even if it makes me unpopular and even if it’s difficult. It’s not enough to be conservative when it’s easy, we need someone who will be conservative when it’s hard, and I’ll be that congressman.