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Stimulus payments offered by states like California, Colorado, and others worth up to $850

As inflation and gas prices rise, Americans want to know what is happening with stimulus checks and which states have them.

stimulus checks being sent to some state residents

Federal stimulus checks helped millions of Americans when they struggled financially through the pandemic.

Some lawmakers are still pushing the government to offer stimulus checks to Americans, despite the economic recovery.

Despite many lawmakers pushing for another check, the Biden Administration does not appear to be on board with that.

Instead of waiting on the government to take action after all of this time, states are doing it themselves.

Here are 11 states that have their own stimulus check program

California is looking into sending registered vehicle owners $400 stimulus payments to offset the rising costs of gas.

The limit would be 2 vehicles per resident, meaning $800.

Colorado will be sending residents at least $400 starting in September.

Delaware is paying $300 stimulus checks to taxpayers who filed their 2020 state tax return by the end of May.

Georgia is paying single filers $250, head of household filers $375, and married filing jointly taxpayers $500.

Hawaii will send $300 to residents making below $100,000 annually and $100 to everyone else with income higher than that.

Idaho decided early on to send residents $75 or 12% of their taxes, whichever was greater.

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Indiana is sending those who filed their 2021 state taxes $125 in tax rebates.

Maine is sending one of the larger stimulus payments worth $850 to residents making less that $100,000 if single.

These payments started going out on June 1, 2022.

Minnesota is sending a stimulus payment worth $750 to some frontline workers.

A Middle Class Tax Rebate worth up to $500 went out to some New Jersey residents that filed taxes with a federal ID instead of a SSN.

Finally, New Mexico is sending $250 to people making under $75,000 and $500 to everyone who filed taxes.

The $500 will be divided into two payments going out in July and August.

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