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How can I use Medicare and Medicaid at the same time?

People who receive Medicare also qualify for free Medicaid.


But, how do you use them together?

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How do I get Medicaid’s dual eligibility?

Medicare is health insurance, typically for those over 65 and retired. However, there are circumstances where younger people can get coverage too.  Medicare plans don’t cover certain specific needs, but Medicaid can usually fill those gaps. Both offer healthcare coverage granted by the US government. However, Medicaid is state run. This means that dual eligibility waivers by state.

Medicaid usually comes with no cost and no age requirements, but several states do have limits it based on income. If you surpass the income levels but still need help, you may qualify for the Medicaid spend-down program.

Because Medicaid is administered at a state level, requirements for dual eligibility are state-specific. Reports claim that after getting enrolled in dual coverage, you are entered into Extra Help too, to cover prescription drug costs.

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