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Meta announces new tools: Now you can upgrade your reels on Instagram and Facebook

Changes to make these Social Media platforms more appealing are underway.

Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram are getting new reel tools

Soon, new tools will be available to assist in creation, editing, and scheduling of reels.

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What new tools are being introduced?

Meta has announced that they have a new set of tools and features. Both Instagram and Facebook will have the updated tools. The new tools are supposed to make it easy to “bring your ideas to life.”

The new creative tools will launch on the platforms in coming weeks. The updates will simplify the creating, editing, and scheduling processes.

Slider stickers became popular on Instagram stories– stickers for polls, quizzes and emojis are some of the most commonly used. Now, these stickers will also be available to use on the reels you create.

For Facebook, reels will be rolled out in Feed globally. This will give creators a greater opportunity to get discovered and expand their audience.

Facebook reels will soon be able to be created on your browser through Creator Studio, where you will also be able to schedule them to post.

Video trimming tools will also be added and will be available on desktop. This will make it easier to edit long videos and generate clips from the. These tools will also benefit gameplay video creators.

Facebook reels will now support voiceover recordings as well as launching Sound Sync.

Instagram reels will also have a longer duration– up to 90 seconds with the option of uploading your own audio.

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