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Investing in gold reviews NobleGold investments

Several gold investment programs can help you create and maintain your retirement investment account, but Noble Gold Investments is one of the most popular ones. However, when you’re new to the gold IRA business, it can be a bit tricky to decide whether an investment program is good for you or not.

For this reason, we’re highlighting a report made public by Investing In Gold, and using this information we’re going to go through all the essential aspects you need to know about Noble Gold Investments before committing to it. Therefore, if you’re interested in owning a gold IRA, please keep reading.

What Is a Precious Metals IRA?

A precious metals IRA consists of a retirement fund that allows people to invest in a stable asset, such as gold, silver coins, and even platinum. Precious metal IRAs are more popular than regular IRAs, as precious metals aren’t likely to lose value, unlike fiat currencies. Moreover, most of these accounts are self-directed, which gives you complete freedom to use your money however you want.

The physical precious metals allowed to be stored in your account are going to change depending on your gold or silver IRA program, as some of them let you store gold bullion, silver bars, and platinum and palladium coins. In contrast, others only allow you to keep one type of metal.

What Is Noble Gold?

Noble Gold Investments is a famous precious metals IRA firm committed to teaching its users about gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments. It was founded in Pasadena, California by two financial experts who wished to provide a transparent market to those who wanted to invest in precious metals.

This company is known for not flaunting its services and pushing people to buy its products. Instead, Noble Gold takes pride in the in-depth knowledge of its experts and the friendliness and transparency it offers to its customers.

Moreover, Noble Gold’s founders make sure each client gets the personal attention they need to understand precious metals investments and create an adequate strategy that’s likely to succeed and allow them to save their earnings.

The Noble Gold Team

Noble Gold Investments was founded by two lifelong friends, Colin Plume and Charles Thorngren, who are still in charge of the entire operational process of the company. Moreover, Noble Gold offers a direct connection with a Noble Gold representative, as this company highly values teamwork and customer satisfaction.

In addition, Noble Gold was founded in 2017, but its founders have more than two decades of investment and financial experience, so they’re the best people to teach you about gold IRAs. Noble Gold also collaborates with the very best people in the investing business, which allows it to provide fast and efficient transactions in all of its IRA services.

Is Noble Gold Legit?

After reviewing several Noble Gold Investments reviews, we discovered that this is a highly transparent business with millions of verified users who enjoy several IRA services every day. Most of these reviews are highly positive and explain how this company has allowed them to open and manage their Noble Gold IRA account through several professional procedures. Moreover, Noble Gold is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, making it an extremely reliable option for anyone who wants to jump into the gold IRA business.

What Services Does Noble Gold Offer?

Another aspect that turns Noble Gold Investments into a fantastic company is the wide variety of services it features, which you may not find in other companies. Keep reading to learn more about this.

Gold and Silver IRAs

Gold IRAs are incredibly popular among precious metal investors, as gold is the most stable and sought-after metal for protecting one’s savings. Moreover, Noble Gold accounts are usually created by people who want to avoid market volatility by transferring part of their savings every month.

Nonetheless, there are some tax implications you must take care of when you own one of these accounts, and you must remember that gold isn’t a very liquid asset, but it helps to prepare yourself for retirement.

Moreover, silver IRAs aren’t too different from gold IRAs, but they allow you to invest in silver instead of gold coins.

Royal Survival Packs

Royal Survival Packs aren’t too common among IRA providers. Luckily for you, Noble Gold is one of the few companies that offer this service. It consists of opening an emergency fund that you can go to in case traditional banks collapse and you feel forced to survive differently.

In those cases, gold can be easily liquidated, especially gold and silver coins, which are easy to trade, unlike other precious metals and physical assets. Moreover, these accounts eliminate gold IRA restrictions and regulations regarding home delivery, which allows you to access your precious metals and palladium coins whenever you need to.

In addition, Noble Gold offers independent depositories with tailored services that aren’t regulated by the US, which makes it much easier to own precious metals and platinum coins, as any law changes aren’t going to affect its procedures. This customized attention would be difficult to find in other silver IRA companies.

Precious Metal Bullion

Another uncommon service offered by Noble Gold is being able to sell bullion and specialty coins, which can be tricky to find among other IRA providers. This allows you to buy government-approved collectible coins, such as Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins.

Moreover, this prevents you from having to find a third-party provider who can sell precious metals, as you can directly buy all your precious metals coins from Noble Gold Investments and store them in your account.

How to Start with Noble Gold Investments?

If you’re wondering how to create an account with Noble Gold, you are going to be happy to learn that you can set it up in less than 10 minutes through its website. However, if you prefer, you can also talk to one of Noble Gold’s account managers on the phone so that they can help you with the registration process.

Moreover, you are going to be asked to choose which type of account you want to create, but don’t worry about this, as Noble Gold’s representative is going to help you understand everything you need to make a good decision. Once everything is set, all that’s left to do is deposit your money and add the details of your beneficiaries.

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Storage Options

Noble Gold is the only IRA provider that stores its clients’ precious metals in Texas, home to the safest holding facilities in America. Keep in mind that there aren’t many maximum security facilities in the US, as it can be tough to meet all regulation standards, which is why this is a fantastic perk you can miss out on. Moreover, it also has security repositories in Delaware and Canada in case you need faster access to your precious metals.

What Are Noble Gold IRA Fees and Policies?

Another important aspect you need to be aware of is the fees you’re going to be paying. Luckily for you, Noble Gold features highly competitive and transparent fees, which are charged annually.

You have to pay $80 per year for the account’s management, plus $150-$225 for storage fees. However, keep in mind that Royal Survival packs are going to be much more expensive. Moreover, custodian fees are going to change depending on your investment choices, which is why you should first discuss this aspect with a Noble Gold advisor or account manager.

In addition, your first year is entirely free, which is a fantastic incentive for starting your gold IRA today.

Noble Gold Reviews: Customer Feedback

Noble Gold’s users have spoken about the fantastic service they’ve received in several online reviews. Most of them praise the company’s open and honest communication flow, which isn’t common in other financial institutions. Moreover, it excels at helping its customers understand all aspects of their accounts, making it an ideal platform for inexperienced investors.

This company allows you to go at your own pace, so you aren’t going to feel pressured to open an account unless you’re 100% ready to do so. In addition, the registration process is effortless, which allows you to set up your Noble Gold IRA in about 10 minutes.

Is a Gold IRA a Good Investment?

Finally, we want you to understand what makes precious metals IRAs a good investment. They help you eliminate the risk of losing money due to inflation, and although having a gold or silver IRA is a bit pricier than your regular Roth IRA, they’re much less likely to go down in price, as gold and silver aren’t volatile assets.

However, keep in mind that a precious metals investment isn’t an easy job, and you need to commit 100% to it if you want to be rewarded in the future. Still, precious metals IRAs have helped many investors start the business of their dreams and live a peaceful life once they’re retired.

Bottom Line

Noble Gold Investments is one of the best precious metals companies out there, and after this thorough review, you’re ready to decide whether you want to commit to it or not. Please feel free to check out its website and invest in your future today.

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