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Water conservation order continues in Interlaken over the weekend

The water conservation order that was issued this week for residents served by the village of Interlaken in Seneca County continues.

An electrical problem has caused the pumps that bring water from the treatment plant to a 375,000-gallon tower to not work effectively. The daily use from that tank is between 50,000 and 70,000 gallons.

Officials say that led to the tower not filling as it should.

By Friday, Mayor Rich Richardson told the Finger Lakes Times that NYSEG crews were able to locate the electrical issue and correct it.

While that means water can resume being pumped into the tower- it does not mean the conservation effort is over.

“The DPW has been able to refill the water tower to its regular height,” Richardson told the Times. “While we don’t anticipate any further electrical issues, we will remain in a conserve water status over the weekend just as a precaution.”

Village officials hope that this can be a short-term problem, as Interlaken pursues options to expand service.

Phase II of its water modernization project involves adding another pump station to its system, which will allow water to be drawn and filtered from Cayuga Lake.

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