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Boating Safety Week tip: check for gasoline vapor accumulation

This is National Safe Boating Week.

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Boating safety expert Ira Goldman with America’s Boating Club says one thing to check on when you hit the water this Memorial Day weekend is that gasoline vapors don’t accumulate inside your boat.

Goldman reminds boaters to run their blowers to dissipate any vapor accumulation. America’s Boating Club offers free safety equipment inspections.

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Join us in sharing these boating safety messages each day of National Safe Boating Week!

May 21: Always maintain a proper lookout and be aware of other boaters and the environment while boating. #nationalsafeboatingweek

May 22: Be sure everyone wears a U.S. Coast Guard-approved, properly fitting life jacket while boating. For life jacket fit facts visit: #nationalsafeboatingweek

May 23: Did you know the environment may stress your body & mind enough to make the risk of an accident much greater while boating? #nationalsafeboatingweek

May 24: Heading out on the water? Make sure you wear a life jacket and have (and know how to use) other required boating gear. #nationalsafeboatingweek

May 25: Check the latest weather forecast before you leave the shore. Hop on over to for the latest updates. #nationalsafeboatingweek

May 26: Raise your hand if you took a boating safety course and got a vessel safety check. We did! #nationalsafeboatingweek

May 27There are many dangers to boating under the influence. Protect your life and others – never BUI! #nationalsafeboatingweek #boatsober

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Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Ira Goldman below.