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State parole board reconsiders decision to release 88-year-old murderer

The state parole board is said to be reconsidering its decision to grant parole to an 88-year-old convicted murderer who served part of his sentence at the Auburn State Prison.

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State: new information has come to light

The Citizen reports the board is having second thoughts about granting parole to James Moore, who killed a 14-year-old Penfield girl in 1966. In a statement this week, the state Department of Corrections said “Based on new information, that became available after the Parole Board decided to grant James Moore an open date, that date has been temporarily suspended pending a thorough review and a rescission hearing for the incarcerated individual. The Department has no further comment at this time.”

Moore is married to Joyce Smith of Auburn, who he met when he was serving time and she was a volunteer there. Smith has said that Moore would move in with her if he were granted parole.

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The decision to release Moore was controversial. Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck told us on Inside the FLX that Moore’s crime was so violent, that he should not be allowed to go free.

In confessing to the killing, Moore admitted to sexually molesting 17 other girls. Moore is currently being held at Coxsackie Correctional Facility. He served over 20 years of his sentence in Auburn. No date has been set for the hearing to reconsider his release.