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Social Security: Paying into Social Security when self employed

Millions of working Americans pay into Social Security by allowing the taxes to be taken directly from their checks and paid by their employer.

tax forms used to file federal taxes and social security

While it seems simple for employees at companies, what about those who are self employed?

More people started their own businesses or working for themselves when the pandemic happened.

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Now, they must pay for their Social Security in a different way.

Being self employed and dealing with Social Security

If you start or run your own business, you legally must report your earnings to Social Security.

This happens when filing your federal income taxes.

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If you make over $400 in one year, you must report your personal earnings using Schedule SE with your tax forms.

This will be separate from earnings you make at a different company you just work for.

Net earnings are your gross earnings minus allowable business deductions.

Owning a business means your business is part of the American economy.

This means you are required to pay your part.

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