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Food Stamps: Meeting requirements to keep up to $835 in SNAP

Millions of Americans use food stamps through the SNAP program to provide enough food for their families every month.

food stamp application for those in need of SNAP benefits

As inflation continues, 41.5 million people are relying on the program.

Anyone enrolled in food stamp benefits is required to meet certain eligibility requirements before receiving benefits.

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One of the requirements is regarding training or employment.

There is an employment and training program that SNAP beneficiaries may use.

The most a family of 4 can receive while meeting the requirements is $835 per month.

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Work requirements to get food stamps

  • Register for work
  • Not quitting a job or intentionally lowering your hours
  • Taking a job if it’s offered
  • If required, participating in employment and training programs

What you can and cannot buy with SNAP

If you’re an adult with food stamps and do not have any dependents, you need to be in a work program for 20 hours a week.

Children, seniors, pregnant women, and anyone exempt for physical or mental health reasons do not need to work.

Different states will have different work requirements.

Kansas requires those able to work at least 30 hours per week.

In New York, residents must work 80 hours per month.

It’s best to check with your local SNAP office to see what your state requires.

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