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Anagrelide capsules recalled due to test failure

These anagrelide capsules are being recalled.

Anagrelide Capsules recall. Photo sourced from FDA.

Teva issued a recall for Anagrelide Capsules due to dissolution test failure.

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Anagrelide Capsules recall

According to an article by the FDA the company Teva is having a recall on Anagrelide Capsules.

These capsules failed the dissolution test which means they do not dissolve correctly.

If a pill does not dissolve correctly then it becomes less effective.

Only one lot of capsules are affected by this alert.

The product name and lot number are listed below

  • Anagrelide Capsules – GD01090

These were distributed nationwide.

Teva notified their customers on May 11, 2022, to inform them of this recall.

Anyone who has these capsules should return them to the company.