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Kanye West has announced a collaboration with McDonald’s

Kanye is doing a little more than the average celerity endorsement.

Kanye collabs with McDonald's

He isn’t altering the menu, but is “reimagining” McDonald’s packaging.

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What is Kanye doing with McDonald’s?

Kanye West is working with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to redesign the classic burger box. It’s not just the burger box he’s changing. He said he’s coming for the fries next. McDonald’s hasn’t confirmed the news, and the launch date hasn’t been determined yet.

Ye made the announcement about the collaboration on his Instagram. It was his first post following his recent, but temporary ban.

McDonald’s has a history of celebrity collaborations, but those all dealt with the menu. This collab with Ye is the first to touch their iconic branding.

As mentioned before, this is a co-collab with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. He is known for his minimalist, but functional everyday designs.

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