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Fratto calls Claudia Tenney a tourist, says NY-24 needs Finger Lakes representative

Republican Congressional Candidate Mario Fratto responded to recent news that Claudia Tenney would seek election in the newly formed 24th District.

The response comes as candidates jockey for position in the newly defined Congressional lines.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Previously, Fratto was running against Congressman Chris Jacobs. Neither Tenney or Jacobs have roots in the Finger Lakes, where a large portion of the district sits.

“Claudia lives an hour outside of Albany, far from this district, and she is running in what is now her third district, just this cycle. We welcome tourists here in the Finger Lakes, but we don’t send them to Congress, especially Republicans with liberal voting records,” Fratto said in a statement.

The Geneva native has been critical of incumbent, establishment Republicans who he says cave too frequently to Democrats in Congress.

“My family has been in this district for five generations. My wife and I were born and raised here, and we’re raising our son here. For the first time in any of our lifetimes, we have a united Finger Lakes district and we deserve a representative of our own for once,” Fratto continued. “Rather than fighting to win a competitive seat in her own part of the state or battling Jacobs in a primary, Claudia has decided to primary me because she thinks the Finger Lakes isn’t strong enough to have its own representative. She couldn’t be more wrong.”

Fratto, an attorney who runs his family’s granite construction business located in Geneva, New York, continued swinging against the established names in Congressional politics. “The Finger Lakes is not for sale,” he added. “Our message to the political elite and the swamp is clear: The people will decide this election, not the D.C. establishment or the party power brokers.”