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Five ways to save on air conditioning this summer

With summer approaching and inflation high, cooling costs may be expensive.

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Here are five ways to save on air conditioning this summer.

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1. Use a smart thermostat

These five tips could save you $130 each year. How much you actually pay for your energy bill depends on your state. The national average is around $115 per month. Read more about it here.

Smart thermostats control your heating and cooling and can be controlled from your phone. Many models can be controlled with your voice and feature either Alexa or Siri.

2.Set your thermostat higher

The Department of Energy recommends setting temperatures 7-10 degrees higher. However, as little as 5 degrees should make a difference.

3.Close the shades

The Department of Energy claims that shades can reduce heat by up to 33%. The darker the shade, the more heat will be attracted.

Putting your air conditioner on auto-pilot will prevent it from running so often and save you money.

4.Use a dehumidifier

If you live somewhere humid, a dehumidifier will help pull moisture from the air. It will make the air drier and more comfortable. It also reduces the strain of the air conditioner.

5. Install window awnings

Window awnings are kind of like shades outside and above each window. They help block the sun and reduce heat gain by up to 77%.

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