Social Security: Customer service delays draw attention from Congress

Congress is looking to resolve the mounting customer service issues plaguing Social Security recipients who seek out help from the SSA.

social security administration office

Over 65 millions were on Social Security in 2021, compared to 55.4 million in 2011.

With so many more beneficiaries using programs, the Social Security Administration has struggled to keep up.

Callers experience the most difficult customer service having to wait long periods of time before finally getting through.

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The average wait time is around 13 minutes.

What will Congress do to help the Social Security Administration?

A hearing was held on May 19 to address the issue.

While many of these issues are blamed on the pandemic, the issues existed beforehand.

Funding is a major issue due to the budget decreasing by 14% with inflation since 2011.

Staffing levels are also to blame because they’re the lowest they’ve been in 25 years.

While the issue is being addressed, when it will be resolved is unknown.