Stimulus: File your state tax return for a stimulus worth up to $800 in this state

Millions of state residents in Colorado are running out of time to file their tax returns in time if they want a state stimulus check.

stimulus cash residents could see from Colorado

The payments are worth up to $800 and could be sent as soon as this summer.

As long as your tax return with the state is filed by May 31, 2022, the stimulus payments will go out.

Payments worth $300 being sent to 1000s

The announcement was made on April 25 and shared that 3.1 million Colorado residents would benefit from payments.

Single filers will see $400 and joint filers will see $800.

The stimulus payments are a way to help offset inflation for families who are paying more for gas and groceries.

Eligibility for the stimulus check

Residents eligible for the checks must live in Colorado full time.

Your tax return information will determine your eligibility.

It must be turned in by May 31, 2022 in order for you to qualify.

Should you qualify, payments are expected to go out in August or September.

Other states creating stimulus programs like this include Maine, Illinois, and Delaware.

Maine residents could see $850, Illinois residents could see $400 and Delaware residents could see $600.