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Employment: College grads could earn $210,000 at Walmart

An employment program was announced by Walmart recently, asking for college graduates who could eventually earn up to $210,000 per year.

Walmart grocery stores where employment opportunities for managers are opening up

This is a summer pilot program that’s hoping to recruit workers quickly that will stay with the company for years to come.

The program is called College2Career and offers classroom training for those about to graduate.

The role of emerging coach will be offered to top students.

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Starting salary will be at least $65,000 per year.

There will then be a pathway for those in the role to become a senior team member.

The program is a potential path for those who work toward management to secure the role of future store manager.

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The store managers make around $210,000 annually.

The goal is to have those graduating as emerging coaches in the store manager position within two years.

Walmart is looking to boost its management team for over 4,700 stores.

Other employment opportunities with Walmart

Walmart is offering $110,000 to truckers.

Data shows that 75% of salaried positions with Walmart started as hourly positions.

Walmart has created private employer training programs that allows them to train current employees for higher positions.

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