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The baby formula shortage is getting worse

Between supply chain issues and recalls, baby formula has been hard to come by.

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The shortage is getting worse and many stores are out of stock.

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New limit on buying baby formula

The stores that are not out of stock, have put new purchasing restrictions on baby formula. Stores are limiting the amount of formula you can buy. Read more about it here.

The shortage has gotten worse because of product recalls. Top baby formula supplier, Abbott Laboratories recalled product back in February. However, the stock has not replenished.

Formulas such as Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare have also been recalled. These recalls are due to concerns over bacterial infections.

Why is there a shortage?

There is no baby formula because we lack the supplies we need to make it. Certain ingredients that are needed to make baby formula are harder to get ahold of. There are also staff shortages that make production and transportation more difficult.

In April, nearly 40% of baby formula went out of stock. The White House has set up a website as a resource to answer frequent questions and help you locate resources.

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