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Stimulus: Who saw the $250 payment this weekend?

Thousands of families in New York State saw a one time payment worth $250 on Saturday, but why?

cash residents in New York will see from a stimulus payment

Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Friday that $28 million dollars would be distributed to New York residents struggling with children.

The money came from federal pandemic funds.

Over 112,000 families benefitted with $250 payments from the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

Stimulus: These state residents could see $5,500

The money went to families with a child ages 17 or under and was to help with home expenses and bills.

Over 216,000 from the 112,000 families will benefit from the stimulus payment.

The funds were sent directly to residents’ EBT cards.

This comes from the Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund, which was created under the American Rescue Plan in 2021.

The public assistance was created to help families and individuals with low income afford their basic necessities.

490,000 New York residents receive public assistance that help if they’re unemployed or can’t work.

The funding is supposed to be spent on providing non-recurring benefits to families with children who need to handle short term issues brought on by the pandemic.

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