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Stimulus: $400 gas payments for Californians

Governor Newsom has been pushing for a $300 billion budget, which would include stimulus payments that help offset gas prices and inflation.

car getting gas using california stimulus payment

The money will become available through a budget surplus.

The proposal was introduced by Democrats and is supported by Republicans.

In addition, Republicans have pushed for a gas tax holiday to suspend taxes on fuel.

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California relief package with $400 gas stimulus payments

The biggest part of the relief package in the state of California is the $400 stimulus checks to residents.

These checks would go to residents who have a registered vehicle with the state of California.

There is a maximum of two checks per resident.

This means for each car up to two, you can see a check worth $400 to help offset the cost of gas.

These state residents could see $5,500

In addition to the stimulus package, there are other measures to benefit the public.

The state is trying to make healthcare more affordable for its residents and wants to offer a yearly subsidy worth $3,852 for individuals.

$7,400 would be the subsidy for a family of four.

Another $933 million would give $1,500 stimulus checks to healthcare workers for their dedication during the pandemic.

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