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Majority of Cayuga County COVID-19 deaths were among unvaccinated

The Cayuga County Health Department released a report Friday showing that 78.6% of the people in the county who have died from COVID-19 were unvaccinated.

The Citizen reports that 17.2% had one dose of a vaccine and only 4.1% of those who died were fully boosted. Over 62% of the deaths came during an 11-month period from April 2020 through February 2021 when vaccines were not yet widely available. There were no COVID-19 deaths in Cayuga County between April and July 2021, but 13 were reported in August and September of that year. Ten of the 13 were unvaccinated.

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Cayuga County Health Department Medical Director Dr. Philip Gioia said there was a significant decrease in the number of deaths after vaccines, which first received emergency authorization in December 2020, became available.

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Among vaccinated who died, most were 60 or older

Among the vaccinated who died of COVID-19, Almost all were 60 or older. The health department reminds us that getting vaccinated and staying up to date on boosters is still the best way to protect against illness or death from COVID-19.