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Quarry tiles: Best option for innovation

For a long period of time, the clay-based tiles have been used in and around homes. As various cultures developed techniques for producing tiles and advanced technologies, different types of clay tiles emerged, each with its characteristics. This group includes ceramic tiles and quarries. Both are made by the hand of clay fired at high temperatures, but they have many differences between them. For tiling renovation, both can satisfy your needs to cover your home design.

The quarry tile is a tablet that has been specially developed to be used on floors and walls. Whether you are updating your bathroom, living room, or other space, quarry tiles have a very striking design that you can use to create special environments in different places in your home or workplace. It is a coating that is used for various indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Quarry Tiles, A Tile With Unique Properties

Quarry tiles are made of red clay that is either machine or hand shaped. While quarry tiles can be glazed, most are left in their natural finish. The tiles can be laid in various areas of the ovens to produce a variety of colors, ranging from tan to dark brown, as well as the markings are known as “iron point” and “gleaming” tiles. Furthermore, you can innovate your floor choosing this unique range of color. 

The Tile For Innovations

It looks great in spaces like the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, and anywhere else inside and outside the house. It can also be used in other places, such as offices, clinics, and commercial premises. The substrate on which you want to stick this product must be properly prepared and leveled.

It is a square-shaped piece that has a special print on its upper face and a matte finish. This tablet is made from cement-based and has a smooth textured surface that has been specially treated to provide protection and to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Usage And Benefits With The Use Of Quarry Tile

For coating purposes, the quarry tile can be installed on walls but is most often used in tile applications, both inside and outside the home. Quarry tiles have very low moisture absorption rates, making them ideal for wet areas, high-traffic areas, and kitchens.

Quarry tiles are thick, 3/8 to 1/2 inch, depending on size, and are available in sizes ranging from small mosaic sheets to 12-inch squares. Hexagons, rectangles, and some octagonal shapes are also available. They can be smooth or slightly textured, depending on the color and finish. They can vary dramatically in color or markings from one to another, or they can be more uniform, depending on the manufacturer. One of the greatest advantages of this tile is that they require very little maintenance.

As quarry tile ages, it takes on a natural color and can also pick up stains. Since tile color varies naturally, stains are sometimes difficult to detect, and this can be advantageous in a kitchen, where food that falls off can cause staining. The durability of the tile makes it less prone to chipping and scratching that can be caused by wear and tear.

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