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Seven tips for finding the right flavor for vape mods in 2022

A mod is a type of electronic cigarette that has become very popular.

Vape mods came into existence because some vapour enthusiasts wanted more power and heavier hits from their vaporizer. They have become most popular because of their increased safety and ease of using vape mods.

Vape juice comes in various flavours, including but not limited to candy and bubblegum. The vape juice is heated in cigarettes and vape rigs, which creates an aerosol that users inhale.

There are more than 7000 vape juice flavours available to e-cigarette users. This is data collected by the National Academic of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

What is the content of vape juice? 

Flavour is just one of many ingredients contained in e-liquid. Other additives in e-juice include nicotine and other chemicals. Different varieties that vape juice can contain include the ingredients in Marijuana that causes a ‘high’.

There are nearly 9 million Americans who are reportedly vaping, and more are choosing an alternative to cigarettes than ever. There are multiple reasons attributable to this trend, either because of the variety of vapour flavours available or because it is less health-wise risk associated with vaping than smoking.

There is a less severe effect on smokers’ lungs when vaping. Some vapers find pleasure in creating substantial vapour clouds, and others seek the flavour in vaping.

Here are a few tips for finding the right flavour for vape mods in 2022;

  • Keep your wicks, coils and tanks clean; if you care about flavour, you must ensure hygienic and hygienically practices over to your wicks. New coils and pure wicks make for a better flavour. While the problem with plate analogy is that rinsing to your wick or switching to a new coil after every flavour change is a little excessive, the reality is that juices taste better from fresh wicks, coils, and tanks. You do not need to clean or change your coil after every flavour change, but the taste will start to suffer after one or two days of use. If you use rebuildable atomizers, you can easily change your wick, so doing it with every flavour change is more feasible. Every time you change your juice, you should rinse your wicks, coils and tanks. It is evident that juices taste the best when vaped from a clean system.
  • Best wattage and temperature settings for flavours; Different elements of juices come out at different settings. This is because specific flavourings vaporize at different temperatures, and your setting determines how hot your coil gets. This, therefore, is a major benefit for flavour chasers to have a variable wattage device. The advice is to start at a lower setting and work your way up until you hit the sweet spot. Bottom-line, the temperature of your coil is a crucial factor. Devices that control temperature, such as the smoke morph, limit your coil’s maximum temperature, and that makes them perfect for flavour chasing. The process of finding the right temperature is the same. One must start low and adjust upwards as needed. This will result in a more consistently flavorful vape.
  • REDUCE YOUR AIRFLOW; big airflow is an important factor for cloud chasers. When you have a lot of air going through the coil, vapour can create giant clouds. However, this takes away a lot of your flavour. Flavour chasers need to put a stop to airflow. Strong and warm vaping carries a lot more flavour. An adjustable airflow system will enable one to change your flavour greatly. You must not close off your airflow, or vapour can become too hot. The width of your vapour chamber affects flavours as well. One, therefore, must be able to balance airflow and make sure the temperature is checked for the right flavour needed.
  • GET A GOOD ATOMIZER; Your atomizer plays an important role in the amount of flavour you get from your e-cigarette. Bottom coil atomizers are much better for flavours. Minimal pressure on the wick leads to the top tastes. The atomizer head is most important. Larger coils mean more airflow. Rebuildable atomizers offer the best experience for a serious flavour chaser. Different coils might maximize flavour for technical vapers.
  • Get a narrow bore-drip tip; your drip tip has a big influence on your flavour. When shopping for a new atomizer, find one that will take a narrower tip. This will allow you to get the most flavour from your new atomizer. Thinner drips produce the best flavour.
  • CHOSE QUALITY MATERIALS; Cotton has become the number one wick for vapers because of its efficacy. Your wicking material will matter in determining the quality of flavour that you end up with. Cotton Bacon is a newly popular option. Some smokers are using ceramic wicks because they are able to resist heat and last for a long time. In terms of material, check out different wire options. For example, Kanthal is a great coil material and will lead to a natural, clean flavour. 
  • Use high PG juices: the pg/VG ratio of your juice has a big effect on flavours. Different vapers will develop some preferences one way or another over time. High VG will result in big clouds that are satisfying for cloud chasers. The ideal ratio is half and half. You will have a great result of the best flavour. Every vapour is different from the other. You must experiment with what tastes best for you.


Here, we’ve shared the best tips and tricks for finding the right flavour for your vape.

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