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Milby happy 911 Center transitioning to sheriff’s office

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Wayne County Sheriff Rob Milby says he’s happy that administration of the county’s 911 Center will be transitioned to the sheriff’s office, following a recent decision by the Board of Supervisors to restructure emergency services. The move aims to leverage the sheriff’s office’s proven protocols and professional standards in enhancing 911 services, which are pivotal in the county’s emergency response system.

Sheriff Milby expressed confidence in the restructuring, noting that the 911 service has been a critical component in local emergency response and has consistently adapted to technological advancements. The sheriff emphasized that his office would continue to uphold high standards of professionalism and efficiency, ensuring that the 911 division remains at the forefront of emergency services.

The sheriff’s office, recognized for its accredited status and adherence to best practices, plans to seek similar accreditation for the 911 division. This transition reflects a broader effort to integrate and optimize emergency services in Wayne County, with the sheriff looking forward to leading the 911 Center through its next phase of development.

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