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How long until I know if I’m qualified for SNAP benefits?

SNAP benefits are provided to low income individuals.

SNAP benefits

The benefits can be used to purchase healthy, nutritious foods.

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How long after I apply will I know if I qualify?

In order to even apply for SNAP benefits, you have to provide lots of documentation. You have to be able to supply proof of identity, address (unless homeless), social security numbers, and proof of earned and unearned income before taxes and deductions among others. Find additional information here.

In the US, the SNAP office is required to make a decision about your eligibility within 30 days after it has been submitted. Benefits are typically issued from the original application date. After the interview, applicants are given another 10 days to provide additional documents.

If eligible, applicants will be notified. That information should include amount of benefit, period of time approved for, and when benefits will become available.

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