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What should I do if I haven’t gotten my tax refund?

Some people are still waiting for their 2020 tax refund.

tax refund

Some who are still waiting have gotten their 2021 returns though.

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What should I do?

Experts recommend that if you filed your  2020 and 2021 taxes but only got the 2021 refund, to contact your local congress person. You could also try contacting the IRS or a taxpayer advocate, but may not have any luck. Read more about it here.

Congressman Scott Perry said his office has gotten quite a few of these calls. He said that he and his team have successfully resolved hundreds of delays. Be persistent in your pursuit to claim your delayed refund.

The IRS is required to pay you the refund, but not within a specific timeframe. Ever since stimulus checks started going out during the pandemic, the IRS has been backed up. The agency hopes to hire 10,000 employees in the next two years to prevent this level of back-up again.

As of April 15, more than 5 million paper returns from 2020 are still awaiting processing. The goal is to have them all done by December.

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