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What are the requirements to get an EBT card in California?

An EBT card is how you pay with food stamps.

We accept EBT cards

The application is free and simple.

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How do I qualify?

In California, what many know as an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card is called the Golden State Advantage (GSA) card. This provides residents will the funds to access healthy food. Read more about it here.

Getting the card is pretty simple, you can call 1-877-847-3663, find your local office, or apply online at

Household size and income are determining factors for eligibility. You’ll need to determine both your gross and net monthly income. iCalifornia offers a breakdown of which deductions you can take.

If your gross and net monthly income is lower than 200% and 100% of the federal poverty level, you will be eligible. If you believe you may qualify, apply for free here.

The EBT or GSA cards work the same. They come preloaded with your benefit and can be swiped like a debit card.

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