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Tips & tricks to creating buzz-worthy content

In the age of the internet, the word content has taken on a whole new meaning. Once upon a time, businesses only had to consider print ads and traditional media such as radio or television. While these are demanding, it pales in comparison to what companies are doing today. On a day to day basis, businesses discuss a myriad of topics related to content production and reception. The internet has caused these discussions to be a necessity as, in many ways, content has become an industry of its own. This is due to the nature of the internet – it is an endless sea of content. Within this sphere, a company must do enough for a person to take notice and interest in what they are offering. If a company cannot make themselves visible online, they will struggle to achieve profitability. However, this is a flip side to this as best put by author and keynote speaker, Andrew Davis, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

It is in the best interest of any company to create buzz-worthy content which is why we connected with a few business experts to understand their tips and tricks for doing so. 

A modern focus

Anne-Marie Faiola is the CEO and Founder of Bramble Berry, a brand offering soap making supplies. She suggests ensuring that any content produced maintains its attention on present and new ideas. 

“You could easily make the argument that the internet has an overabundance of content. No singular person could ever see all that’s available online. Even a small town couldn’t even see it all. Seeing as this is the case, it can be very easy to produce content that is similar to content that already exists online. There’s no use in rehashing the same information that another business is already benefiting from. The idea is to capture your audience, not make them lose focus because they’ve essentially seen or heard what they’re experiencing. Focus your efforts on being modern, not a representative of the past.”


Without adequate knowledge of an industry or demographic, it will prove much more difficult to make inroads. Diamond Mansion is a business providing handcrafted engagement rings. Their CEO and Founder, Omid Semino, advises others to do everything in their power to gain this knowledge. 

“Your number one friend in creating content is research. Just because you believe a content producing effort will be worth it does not make it so. By researching who you’re trying to or supposed to be engaging with, you’re choosing to follow the guiding light that is the customer. If the customer is always right, then they should have a heavy influence on any content that is being made with them in mind. Take the time to research and understand the metrics related to who your audience is.”

Learn from your mistakes

Greater Than specializes in natural electrolyte drinks for nursing moms. Their Chief Marketing Officer, Bryan Alston, considers the practice of reviewing past efforts and making changes based on them to be impactful. 

“When a piece of content fails, it might seem wise to give up on it entirely and leave it in the garbage can. But, you’re doing yourself a disservice by walking away early. While a piece of content may not be worth revitalizing identically, there’s absolutely mistakes worth learning from and some possible elements worth salvaging. The more time you spend critiquing and analyzing content the more tuned in you’ll be to how this machine works and what makes it go. Do yourself a favor and have some perseverance when your content fails.”

Get to the point

Marcus Hutsen is the Business Development Manager of Patriot Coolers, a brand offering coolers, insulated drinkware & more. He cautions others to stay away from content that is longer than necessary. 

“In general, people do not have a long attention span and the internet has served to shorten it. If something is not interesting or appealing, people are quick to swipe to something else that grabs their attention. You should take this into account when attempting to create that next piece of trendy content. Make all your messages clear and succinct. Of course, they have to be appealing. But, if people do not have an understanding of what they’re viewing, it’s the quickest way to have your audience move on to someone else’s content.”

Strive for improvement

Even the best content creators can identify areas where they could better their skills. Urban Skin Rx is a business providing skin care from the melanin experts. Their Founder, CEO, Rachel Roff, proposes finding personal weak points and opportunities to develop these areas. 

“Some of us are good at video editing while others are more suited to writing copy. This is just the way things are. But, they don’t have to stay that way. If you’re trying to create content that will blow up your page then I suggest striving to improve any professional skills you have the chance to. Not only will this allow you to be more versatile within content creation, it will also give you a broader perspective for how content is. When paired together, these two things can skyrocket a person to a new level of content creation.”

Renovate existing content

Sebastian Cruz Couture specializes in luxury menswear. Their Co-Founder, Cesar Cruz, believes content that already exists online can serve to bring popularity to any brand or person behind it. 

“Everyone is familiar with the expression ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ This absolutely applies to your dad’s old station wagon; it is also applicable when attempting to create buzz-worthy content. Chances are, you already have existing content that has received some form of traction. This content can be used to your advantage. Take a look and see what’s working with the piece and what’s not. If something is working, let it do its thing. But, renovating an aspect that isn’t functioning as intended is a great way to create that buzz you’re looking for.”

Be visual

Brad Neathery is the CMO of Oak & Eden, a brand offering finished whiskeys. He advises others to pay special attention to any area of content that involves images, graphics, or videos. 

“Time and again, it’s been proven that people are far more inclined towards items that offer visual stimulation rather than a page of text. When you really think about it, everything you’re doing related to public image relates to these visuals in some way. Whether it’s a video showcasing the newest product updates or a social media post aiming to garner attention, there are so many things within business that rely on visuals. If you’re not already dedicating most of your time in this area you need to get started because what people see impacts how they feel towards something.”

Seek to be unique

With how vast the internet is, there are countless examples of content which has been repeated until no one knows who created what originally. Azuna is a business providing antimicrobial all-natural odor eliminators. Their Director of Marketing, Phillip Montalvo, considers it important to avoid this. 

“When you look at the number of search results for any given search, it’s hard to see how you could possibly create content that stands out from this overwhelming number. Take mac ‘n cheese recipes for example. If you Google this right now, you’ll be rewarded with over 100 million results. Everyone and their mother has uploaded a recipe of their own. That’s because mac ‘n cheese is not unique to anyone. However, you being yourself is what makes you unique. No one can be you outside of you. Tap into that in your efforts to design quality content.”

The world of business has been forever changed by the presence of the internet. While endless possibilities have opened up when it comes to attracting people via content, different kinds of problems have also reared their heads. This is why the approach must be different. Author Robert Rose summed this up, “Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.”

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