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Surefire Social Media Growth Hacks That Increases Brand Awareness

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Thanks to the advancements in technology over the last two decades, the world has changed at a breakneck speed. Communication, commerce, and especially social norms have taken on massive transformations. One of the biggest tools that have led to this kind of change throughout the world is the rising popularity and widespread use of social media networks.

Mammoth platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have redefined how people all over the world view so many aspects of life. Entertainment, news, and marketing have all changed since people started to be so instantaneously connected to information in new ways. Social media apps go far beyond the limits of just ‘social’ interaction but have now become platforms for all forms of information.

Social Media and Marketing

With the rising power of social media platforms comes the obvious response of businesses seeking to increase their marketing. Viral marketing through social media is a powerful tool that has been shown and proven to work time and time again. Smart use of social media for marketing takes an entire shift in mindset, however.

As David Meerman Scott, a social media marketing leader, speaker, and author tweeted on this matter, “Think like a publisher, not a marketer.”

This comes down to understanding that social media isn’t just a platform for families and friends, but it’s a legitimate form of publishing that your brand can benefit from. What’s more, is that traditional forms of advertisement are not what they used to be. Cable television, radio programming, and print newspapers are simply not pulling the same kind of consumer response that they have in times past.

This doesn’t mean that traditional forms of marketing should be abandoned, far from it. The ability that radio, television and even print media has to reach a wide audience consistently is impressive. Paired with great social media marketing, however, these two forms of marketing can see big returns as it helps to cover a multitude of demographics in meaningful ways.

Social Media Inspires Trust

Yes, social media may mainly reach younger audiences, but those audiences are going to be impacted because of the level of trust they feel they can get from social media. The idea that corporations are somehow safe and reliable isn’t as much a mainstay as it was when mass marketing was first taking off.

When people see marketing through social media, even if it’s through influencers, they are more prone to trust these voices. According to the award-winning marketer, and author Danny Brown when it comes to demographics impacted by social media marketing, “90% trust peers on social networks (even strangers); only 15-18% trust brands.”

So how do you grow your social media in meaningful ways that increase your brand awareness and push your business forward? Here are some of the best surefire hacks to get your social media up and running and powerfully effective.

Create Content – That Creates Content

When you are thinking about ways to effectively boost your social media and increase your marketing, then think about ways you can offload this onto your clientele. For instance, create a profile and presence that shows people how their products can empower them, and then encourage them to share that with their friends.

This kind of thought process can branch into any kind of marketing. Take Sumeer Kaur, CEO of Lashkaraa, “Creating clothing that makes women feel effortlessly chic, while still embodying tradition is a beautiful challenge; but making a product that women immediately want to share with their friends on social media is the most organic form of marketing we can strive for.”

Incentivize Content Creation

One great way to challenge your followers to create their own content that promotes your brand is to incentivize them with a challenge. Create a challenge that pushes your followers to create expressive, beautiful posts about your brand in exchange for a reward. This could look like free shipping for a limited time to anyone who posts their favorite product from your brand and tags a certain number of friends.

“Not only do you want to be creating content that inspires your followers to grow your brand awareness, but you want to be directing that energy and effort at the right markets,” Fred Gerantabee, Chief Experience Officer at This is a really important aspect of getting your social media following to enthusiastically share your content. Focus on the markets that work, that means you need to find out where your customers go for social media. Don’t waste resources on Instagram, when the majority of your audience stays on Facebook.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Case Real Life Change

“Marketing is all about helping your audience understand that you have a very real solution to a very present problem and that it’s easier than ever,” Thomas Yuan, Head of Partnerships for SaneBox.

When it comes to creating engaging content that will boost your social media marketing and increase brand awareness, make the content applicable to real life. This can happen a couple of different ways, but structuring your advertisement around the point of your product is where you have to begin. Yes, it’s not traditional marketing, it’s social media, but keeping the core of the purpose and function of your product is something you can’t afford to move away from.

Something like Kinoo, which connects families in meaningful ways through long-distance virtual activities designed for older generations to connect to their young family members, is a great example. “Constantly showing our customers that we have the solution to their connection problem is at the core of our marketing, and social media is a wonderful place to make that come to life. This can happen through testimonials, satisfied customer reviews, and employee spotlighting to show that our entire staff is dedicated to this singular vision,” Jim Marggraff, CEO of Kinoo.

Highlighting real-life stories of impact through social media is a great way to make your products and services come to life for prospective customers. Not only that, but as mentioned in the quote above, social media is a great platform for customers to get to know your team.

Create Hacks For Your Customers

“Our products have the power to change the lives of our customers, so we love to show them how to do this by using social media as a way to connect on a deeper level,” Rachel Roff, Founder CEO of Urban Skin Rx.

Everyone is obsessed with hacks, this method of getting more for your time, your dollar, and your efforts. Show your customers how to use your products to do just that. Social media is the ultimate environment for doing just that.

Connect With Your People

“Using the language of inclusivity brings our brand together in fun, imaginative ways,” Hector Gutierrez, CEO of JOI. This comes down to understanding your audience and using the language they want to hear. Social media has a unique way of making people feel included in their favorite brands.

Quality Content Pays Off

Social media is a great place to show off beauty. Social media is as much about escapism as it is connection and information, so use this to your advantage. “Creating content that makes people’s mouth water when it comes to advertising a food company is paramount. Make someone want to scroll back up and take a second look,” William Schumacher, Founder and CEO of Uprising Food.

This is a powerful way of ensuring that your content really stands out as something that your clients and customers are excited to share. While calendars, campaigns, and plans are all good things, very little can compare to high-quality photos and videos. “We already believe in our product, so let’s create a social media presence that on its own will draw in curious eyes, and create followers at first glance,” Cesar Cruz, Co-Founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture.


The best hack for social media marketing and brand awareness is focusing on the areas of your platform that will make your followers proud to follow you, and want to share. This takes your consumers and turns them into an active awareness of your brand. If you can get the customer, the follower, and the admirer to get excited and share, then you are using social media powerfully to grow your brand awareness.

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