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SAFETY MOMENT: National Bike and Roll to School Day

The 11th annual National Bike and Roll to School Day is Wednesday, May 4th, 2022. This can be a fun time for children to enjoy riding their bikes. It is also the perfect time to highlight the importance of safe behaviors for drivers, bikers and pedestrians. It is important for children to have a safe place to ride or walk, and that can start with their trip to school.

Key behaviors and actions for drivers, bikers and pedestrians for a safe trip to school:

– It takes a Village – everyone can play a positive role in safe routes to school.
– Parents and guardians can develop safe routes and plans with their children.
– Drivers take be on alert for bikers, especially in potential blind spots.
– Drivers take extra care to see pedestrians and bikers near cross walks and intersections.
– Obey the traffic laws and always yield to pedestrians.
– Take additional precaution in school zones especially during start and end times.
– Always avoid distractions.

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