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Pajama recall due to burn hazard

These pajamas are being recalled.

Children's pajama recall.

The Red League recall children’s pajamas due to burn hazard.

Heated blanket recall due to fire hazard

Pajama recall

Red League is recalling their children’s sleepwear due to burn hazards.

These children’s pj’s don’t meet the federal flammability standards.

Which poses a risk of possible burn injuries to children.

The company is recalling multiple of there sleepwear sets.

The following sets are being recalled

  • one-piece, long-sleeve top and footed pajamas are red, have wooden buttons located at the back of the neck and were sold with a matching red beanie hat.
    Sizes 6-18 months.
  • Two-piece, long-sleeve top and pant traditional pajama sets are red with white piping trim. Two front pockets and wooden buttons on the center front. Sizes 2-14.
  • two-piece, long-sleeve top and pant pajama sets are yellow and have a bear embroidered onto the tops’ chest.
    Sizes 2-14.

The sleepwear was sold Ella Ella Boutique stores in California.

And JellyBeans stores in New York.

They were also sold online at

From November 2020 through February 2022.

So far there has been no reported incidents or injuries linked to these pj’s.

If you have purchased any of these sleepwear sets take them away from the children.

And contact The Red League for a refund.

You can call 888-754-4030 to talk to a representative.

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