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Stimulus: $850 stimulus checks will go to thousands of Americans

Over 800,000 residents of Maine will see stimulus payments totaling $850, and it could happen as early as June.

cash that residents can see from stimulus checks and payments

A $1.2 billion dollar supplemental budget was signed into law by Governor Janet Mills on April 20, 2022.

In order to qualify, individuals must make $100,000 or less.

Head of household filers cannot exceed $150,000, and married filers cannot exceed $200,000.

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Property tax relief is also available for elderly and low income residents and homeowners.

$20 million will fund community college educations for eligible students graduating between 2020 and 2023.

The budget was backed by both Democrats and Republicans to support the residents of Maine.

Stimulus checks and Qualified Disaster Distributions explained

Other states giving stimulus payments to residents

Millions of residents in Illinois are set to get stimulus payments worth $400.

This is part of a $46.5 billion dollar budget for 2023.

This was signed into law on April 19, 2022.

The amount you get will depend on your tax filing status and dependents.

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If you made under $200,000, you will see $50.

Couples making under $400,000 will see $100.

Each dependent is worth $100 with a limit of 3 dependents.

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