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IRS: Where is my refund? Average refund worth $3,256

April 18 marked the deadline for tax returns and over 103 million tax returns were filed with the IRS.

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Many people rushed to get their taxes done at the last minute.

The average refund is worth $3,256 this year.

The deadline is usually April 15, but this year Emancipation Day landed on that day.

IRS: What happens if I didn’t send in my tax documents on time?

This pushed the deadline out to April 18, 2022.

Maine and Massachusetts had a deadline of April 19, 2022 in honor of Patriot’s Day.

Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, and Colorado all have an extension through May 16, 2022.

IRS: Will I lose my refund if I missed the filing deadline?

This is because there were tornadoes and wildfires in these areas.

Missing the tax deadline could result in major penalties.

How to get your refund faster and when to expect it from the IRS

Choosing direct deposit will get you your refund much faster than a paper check.

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Stimulus checks and Qualified Disaster Distributions explained

Filing electronically instead of by paper will also get you your refund quicker because it’s processed faster.

By filing this way, you should see your tax refund within three weeks of the date the return is accepted.

You can track your refund within 24 hours of filing through the Where’s My Refund tool the IRS created on their website.

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