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FINGER LAKES TRAVEL: Dinner at 84 Fall

Fall Street in Seneca Falls in home to quite a few restaurants including 84 Fall. This place seems to be the talk of the town so we had to check it out. And this place surpassed our expectation. Walking in to this restaurant doesn’t feel like you just walked in off of Fall Street. It feels like you’re at a nice restaurant somewhere in the city. 84 is a place you can dress up or down for with it’s eclectic casual fine dinning feel.

84 Fall atmosphere


During our visit we were able to catch up with 84’s current manager, Christopher Heim. Chris has been managing since they reopened in the beginning of December. Watching the staff interact you’d never be able to tell that they’re a relatively new crowd. 84 seems to have a tight knit crew that revolves around team work. Chris surely is proud of everyone he has on board with him from bar tenders to the waiting staff.

84 Fall photos of staff.

Chris and the restaurants amazing chef Seph Moniz worked together to curate the perfect menu. Their menu is what really sets them apart from the crowd you can’t get anything like this place in the Seneca Falls area. Which by the way they aim to change twice a year. Their ingredients are locally sourced which is a great added plus when you’re thinking of a restaurant for your next night out. We were able to try a few things off of their current menu.

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Crab Cakes

The first thing we tried was their crab cakes. And they did not disappoint you could order these as a appetizer or easily make them a meal. With each one almost being the sized of you’re palm they are very filling. But they will not stop you from wanting more off of this menu.

84 Falls crab cakes


84 Burger 

Next we tried the 84 burger. Now we know what you’re thinking, what restaurant doesn’t have a burger on their menu? And you wouldn’t be wrong. But I bet you wont find a burger like this anywhere else in Seneca falls. The 84 burger is served with crispy pepper medley, aged cheddar and arugula. This is for all of you who prefer to order something more simple but still want in on the fine dinning experience.

84 burger


Lobster Mac & Cheese

It’s pretty obvious why this dish would be amazing. Who doesn’t love mac & cheese and lobster. And what could be better than putting two things you love together! That is exactly what Seph Moniz did when created the lobster mac & cheese. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the most popular dishes of the summer.


Texas Shrimp

This next one was my personal favorite from our visit, the Texas Shrimp. This dish features fried shrimped covered with an amazing petal sauce on top of a bed of mixed greens. We would recommend anything off of this list but this is a must try.

Texas Shrimp

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My favorite thing about 84 Fall is that you can tell how fresh their ingredients are. Sometimes places with a more seafood forward menu you’re not sure of the quality you’ll get. Nothing is worse than biting into a piece of shellfish and getting hit with a fishy taste. With all their ingredients being locally sourced it’s guaranteed freshness every time. This place truly packs an experience like none other in the area and is a true hidden gem. You can stop in and enjoy this place for yourself  Wednesday- Saturday from 4pm-9pm. Or stop in on Sunday from 10am-2pm to experience their brunch and bloody mary bar. If you like what you see on your trip in consider them for your next catered event.