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VOCAL-NY Action Fund endorses Jumaane Williams and Ana Maria Archila for next Governor and Lt. Governor of NYS

Today, VOCAL-NY Action Fund (VAF) announced its endorsement of Jumaane Williams for the next Governor and Ana Maria Lieutenant Governor of New York at a press conference at Rochester Transit Station.
“Today’s endorsement in Rochester sends a clear message: Upstate voters have just as much swing and power in this election as downstate voters,” said Kim Smith, VOCAL-NY Political Director. “No matter where our leaders and members call home, we are united in saying that our next Governor and Lt. Governor must be people-centered and legislate with care and compassion. Jumaane and Ana Maria are just the leaders for the job.”

“In the wake of a profoundly disappointing state budget, it is clear we need state leaders who will not succumb to the game of politics — and remain firmly on the side of the people,” said Pablo Angelus Ulloa, a leader with VOCAL-NY’s Users Union. “Jumaane Williams has long been dedicated to protecting and uplifting the lives of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, and we have faith that alongside Ana Maria, we will continue to advance our collective fight to dismantle the war on drugs and end overdose in New York.”
“Governor Hochul proved this budget has Cuomo’s old austerity mindset, that destroys social programs and harms communities across our state,” said Felix Guzman, a leader with VOCAL-NY’s Homelessness Union. “We need true progressive leadership in our state, and Jumanne Williams and Ana Maria are who we trust to deliver the plan to end the homelessness crisis in our state.”
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“In the wake of yet another arrest of an individual connected at the top level of New York’s political hierarchy, we must consider who has the credibility, temerity, and audaciousness to stand against the ‘business-as-usual’ politics that have plagued the big apple for decades,” said Jon McFarlane, a leader with VOCAL-NY’s Civil Rights Union from NYC. “Jumaane Williams has shown himself to be a true progressive leader who means what he says and says what he means. He and Ana Maria will protect the lives of the most vulnerable New Yorkers, making them the best candidates to lead this state under an umbrella of equality for all!”
“I’m looking forward to seeing what Juamaane and Ana Maria will do statewide for overdose prevention centers, as both a leader with VOCAL-NY and Never Use Alone,” said Asia Bentancourt, a leader with VOCAL-NY’s Positive Leaders Union. “I see the critical need statewide for overdose prevention efforts, with its connection to public health and ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Kathy Hochul may have gotten us to point A, but we’re looking for new leadership to bring us all the way there.”