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Earth Week confidential document shredding at the Seneca County Office Building

On Saturday, April 23rd, Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension is capping off the week of Earth Day with a chance to rid yourself of all your unwanted bank, business, credit card, and tax records.  Confidential Document Shredding will take place from 9:00am until Noon at the Seneca County Office Building, 1 DiPronio Drive in Waterloo.  To help traffic flow, participants are asked to please use the North Road entrance and follow signs to the loading dock area on the east side of the building.

Shred-Text Document Destruction Services will be on site from 9:00am to Noon to shred your unwanted confidential documents and files.  Confidential documents include tax and business records, old bills, credit card statements, medical records, and other papers that contain personal information that you do not want to have public.  Please do NOT bring junk mail, non-confidential files, newspapers, etc.  These can be put in your home blue bin and picked up every two weeks.  Your documents can contain rubber bands, light paper clips, staples, and/or be in hanging file folders as all of that can be shredded. Please remove any binder clips and take papers out of three ring binders.  There will also be a limited number of blue recycling bins available as the supply lasts for Seneca County residents who may need to replace their bin or require a second (or third) for their bi-weekly curbside recycling.  County residents are allowed up to 8 blue bins of recycling to be picked up every two weeks.  Recycling information will also be provided in a re-usable shopping bag designed by the Mynderse Academy members of Seneca GR&EEN, Generating Recycling and Energy Education Now.

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“We are pleased to be able to again provide document shredding as part of Earth Week” stated Seneca CCE Executive Director Ave Bauder.  “It is a great service to provide as people do their spring cleaning while also to picking up another blue bin if needed.  And our reusable shopping bags that were designed by the Seneca GR&EEN group at Mynderse have proved to be very popular due to their size and being produced locally at WomenMade Products.  I want to thank the  County for the support that makes events like this possible. This will be a great way to cap off Earth Week.”