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Food Stamps: How much will people get once emergency food stamps end?

Right now Americans are set to see their emergency food stamps end on April 15 once the public health emergency declaration expires.

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41.5 million Americans collect food stamps each month to help buy food for their families with an EBT card provided to them by the state.

The emergency food stamps started when the pandemic caused a financial strain for many already struggling people.

Thousands can expect SNAP benefits worth up to $1,504

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The emergency benefits were extended in January of this year amid inflation.

Most families were seeing an extra $100 per month.

The government has not announced another extension yet, but if they do not then it’s set to expire in April.

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Food Stamps: 28 states will give emergency benefits for month of April

How much will be people get once they end the emergency food stamps?

The amount households get is based on how many members they have and their income.

Families are expected to pay for 30% of their own food each month.

There are maximum amounts allowed for household sizes.

  • two: $459
  • three: $658
  • four: $835
  • five: $992
  • six: $1,190
  • seven: $1,316
  • eight: $1,504
  • Each additional person: $188

What you get is decided on by multiplying your household net monthly income by .3 and subtracting that from the maximum allotment.

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