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Stimulus: $5,000 raises and $2,000 payments going to some teachers

Teachers in Georgia who have worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic will soon see a stimulus bonus thanking them for their hard work.

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The lawmakers in the state are giving over 170,000 elementary and secondary teachers a bonus worth $2,000.

In addition, over 100,000 employees that work for the state and university will see a $5,000 raise.

The state budget set aside $800,000 for the pay raise.

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The goal is to help retain teachers, as the turnover rate remains high and current employees become burnt out.

55% of teachers said they plan to retire earlier than originally planned because of the pandemic.

Who will see the $2,000 bonus?

Teachers between kindergarten and 12th grade in Georgia can expect the $2,000 bonus.

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The money will go out to workers before June 30, 2022.

In addition, a $5,000 pay raise was promised by Governor Brian Kemp this week.

Teachers already benefitted from $3,000.

State and university employees will see an extra $1,250 from the budget in addition to a $3,750 bonus.

Pay increases will be in the next April paycheck.

Anyone who started working on or after July 1 will see a prorated bonus.

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