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New York launches “Cannabis Conversations” public education campaign

New York State has launched “Cannabis Conversations,” the state’s first public health education campaign on cannabis, announced Governor Kathy Hochul on Monday.

The campaign, launched on Monday, April 4, serves to inform the public on the state’s Cannabis Law, including who can consume, where to consume, and how to do so safely. “Cannabis Conversations” also includes information on the risks of driving while impaired by cannabis as well as information for parents and caregivers on how to protect youth.

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The campaign will run for approximately three months and include public service advertisements in English and Spanish via television, social media, radio, transit, and billboards.

“Cannabis Conversations” builds on the Office of Cannabis Management’s first public outreach effort of the same name. The office held virtual outreach sessions in 10 New York regions and an 11th session in Spanish.

New York’s Cannabis Law is “grounded in the principles of public safety, social justice, and equitable economic development designed to help undo the harm caused by cannabis prohibition,” according to a press release. The law requires public health educational campaigns to inform New Yorkers about the new law and the impact of cannabis use on public health and safety.