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Kratom Drug Test Military: All You Need To Know

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Most individuals are curious to know whether the use of kratom in the military is legal. Armed forces members are renowned for their physical and mental toughness as well as stamina. Life-changing events and intense training sessions are also a part of the experience for students at the military school.

Individuals in the US army share many of the same characteristics. The military believes in safeguarding their society in the greatest possible way, which is why they put themselves in such risky situations.


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It is common for military personnel to suffer from a range of health problems after completing rigorous training. Most people including those serving in the military aim for a healthy and fit lifestyle. However, since the military’s duty is hard, most people serving in this institution are contemplating using Kratom on an ongoing basis, whether it be daily or on an irregular basis.

This raises the issue of whether the product can be used in military settings and if the kratom drug test military is even possible. This is a widespread concern, and people throughout the US are always looking for reputable sources of information to help alleviate their anxiety. In this article, we have detailed more on the kratom drug test military to help you make the right decision.

Is It Legal To Take Kratom While Serving In The Military?

Kratom consumption is strictly prohibited for active-duty military personnel in the United States. You have no right to even consider using any substance that could impair military personnel’s ability to perform your duties in the “Department of Defense.”

The US military will immediately take disciplinary action against anyone found in possession of any suspicious products or drugs. Kratom strains, according to the FDA, can be detrimental to human health and could cause death in the worst-case scenario.

For this reason, the (DoD) Department of Defense has banned the use of Kratom while serving in the military. Other than prescription drugs and alcohol, the military’s drug policy is more permissive than civilian law. As long as you don’t go overboard, you’ll be fine.

Does Kratom Qualify For Military Testing?

Kratom is unlikely to show up in a routine DoD drug test because of its unusual chemical makeup. For the military to find if one of their servicemen has been using the product, they would have to test for it. However, because kratom is on the Defense Department’s list of prohibited substances, there is a high chance for the product to be included in their drug screening process.

The use of kratom is prohibited for all members of the armed forces and the navy of the United States. However, the Marines have not classified the product as a prohibited substance. The most common drug tests that the US military conducts, include barbiturates, LSD, amphetamines, Ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, and opiates (such as morphine or heroin).

However, it is not clear if the military has a test for kratom. No standard drug test will pick up on kratom, so it will have to be added to the list of substances to be checked for.

The military announced in 2017 that they would begin screening active military personnel for several illegal substances, including cocaine and marijuana. Despite this, kratom was not included in the new list of 26 drugs that were added to the drug test.

Kratom is one of those obscure drugs that only a select few are familiar with. Because of this, they may have been tested for it and not know it. Because kratom blocks opioid receptors, its alkaloids may be mistaken for opioids by drug testing labs. Mitragynine, the most common alkaloid in kratom, is a good example of this phenomenon. At some point in the future, active military personnel may be subject to kratom screenings.

Is There A Specific Test For Kratom?

Due to the inability of conventional tests to detect Kratom content, your chances of receiving unfavorable test results are higher than normal. For the military, it is a significant risk.

There is no precise test for this organic product because many people and places do not understand its true properties and influence. In the end, it is all due to a dearth of studies in the area.

Even though Mitragyna is an illegal substance in many countries, there is no way to check for blood levels of alkaloid content.

Testing for Kratom must be rigorous if it is as harmful as many people believe. As mentioned earlier, the military has banned the use of this product. Therefore, if certain tests are available, the military is likely to use them in testing its active members.

You must remember that the more medications you test for, the more money you’ll have to spend. In light of this, a few companies opt out of testing for additional substances to save money. However, the military adheres to the strictest industry regulations.

Can Kratom Show Up In A Drug Test?

Drug tests conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration are unable to detect Mitragyna speciosa residues, despite the fact that it is illegal in several states. One reason for this is that they will only be testing specifically for cocaine, cannabinoids, opiates, and amphetamines (including PCP). There are several ways to conduct kratom drug testing, including:

Hair follicles drug test

Many chemicals can be found in the hair cells of people who use drugs or products like kratom. However, hair follicle screening is not common but provides an extended detection period of up to 90 days. However, for Kratom hair testing, there is no evidence that Mitragyna speciosa’s compounds can be detected.

Blood Analyzes

To determine whether a person has taken the product, or how much the user has taken, a blood test can be effective. Most employers or government institutions rarely use a blood sample for drug testing. For the best results, it is best to take the test within the first 24 hours of taking the product. A blood alcohol concentration of at least 100 milliliters can be discovered.

Overdoses are typically diagnosed using blood samples with mitragynine plasma concentrations of 300 ml or higher. With a screening test window that can last anywhere from several hours to several days, urine testing can come in handy.

Saliva drug test

For saliva drug test it is possible to identify kratom compounds. Saliva samples can, however, be used to identify the drug’s metabolites.

Urine drug test

In terms of detecting this natural product, a urinalysis is the most systematic method. Those who have taken Kratom for more than a week can expect a positive result from a urine test that identifies specific alkaloids in their system. Even after five days, traces of the substance can still be found in a typical user’s blood or urine sample. You should either stop using the alternate material for two weeks or avoid it altogether if the results are poor.

Kratom Testing For Military Personnel: How Often It Is Performed?

The institution three times a year tests on-duty members in the United States, but there is no set schedule for this screening. Any time can be a testing time for you. For Kratom’s most notable properties, you may already know that it contains chemical substances known as alkaloids.

According to some studies, kratom’s major alkaloids can remain in your system for up to nine days after consumption, and urine tests may detect them. To prepare for the Kratom exam, you must abstain from the herb.

Is It Safe To Take Kratom In The Military?

Stakeholders in the armed forces are grappling with this important but difficult question. Despite the dangers of long-term use, short-term kratom use is generally considered to be relatively safe.

Experienced kratom users will tell you that kratom is an effective natural supplement for improving cognition, elevating mood, and promoting restful sleep. Thousands of people in the United States alone have been taking kratom to achieve these effects and more.

In Southeast Asia, kratom has been used as a folk medicine for centuries. Anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory properties have been discovered in the Kratom leaf. In addition, it contains powerful antioxidants, which could be of benefit.

In any case, the FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use and it is not intended for human consumption. Since salmonella cases have been linked to certain kratom brands, the FDA has issued an official public warning to consumers to avoid kratom use.

Kratom overdose is a debatable topic, but one thing is for sure: Kratom hangovers are a reality. People who have taken more than 10 milligrams of kratom powder have been known to experience kratom hangovers. Fatigue, nausea, and headache, are all common side effects of a kratom hangover. A kratom hangover differs from an alcoholic one in that it can cause sleep disturbances and acute nausea.

While this may sound like bad news, it’s quite simple to avoid a Kratom hangover by drinking plenty of water and choosing an energetic strain rather than a relaxing one.

Can kratom drug test military give a false positive for opiates?

The majority of employers will use a urine-based standardized drug test. When it comes to drug testing, urine samples tend to yield the best results. There are a wide variety of prescription and illicit drugs that can be detected in urine.

It is possible to get a false-positive test result even if the drug was not taken. Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry testing would be necessary if this occurs. ‘

In a standard urine drug test, Mitragynine and other kratom alkaloids cannot be detected. Taken just before the test, a substance or medication will almost certainly cause a false-positive result. As a result, you must inform the person administering the test of everything you are currently taking.

A false positive for opiates caused by kratom is extremely unlikely. Because science is a strange thing, much remains unknown about kratom. In other words, the possibility exists, but the likelihood of it happening is slim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is kratom legal in the military?

The use of kratom by military personnel was outlawed in 2014. In contrast to civilians, military members may risk prosecution if they are found to be in possession of kratom. The military has long used Kratom as a recreational drug. FDA-approved substances are normally allowed in the military, even if kratom is still under investigation.

Kratom is not currently permitted in the military. FDA approval is needed before the military would ever contemplate using this plant therefore there is optimism that this may change in the near future.

Does Kratom show on a military drug test?

It is prohibited by the (DoD) Department of Defense to take dietary supplements that contain Mitragyna speciosa. The most frequent medicines used in the military are typically subjected to screening, although no specific tests are administered. Military personnel is advised not to use any goods containing this drug, even though the substance will not show up on the normal DoD test. This practice is strictly prohibited by the United States Air Force and Navy.

How long does Kratom Last?

When it comes to how long you’ll feel the effects of cannabis, there are numerous variables to consider. There is a wide range in the length of time it lasts, ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours. Kratom’s half-life and how long it remains in the body are not influenced by the length of the effect, nor is the duration of kratom withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

Most people are worried about the use of kratom in the military. Consumption of this herb is prohibited in the division. Military personnel are tested for a wide range of prescribed and illegal substances, including heroin and cocaine. At the moment, it’s not clear if the military test for kratom. However, there is no precise test to determine the presence of kratom in a user’s bloodstream.

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