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How can I stop spam text messages?

You may see spam texts reading that they are “from the IRS.”

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But those aren’t the only ones, and there are steps you can take to end it.

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How do I know it’s a spam text?

Getting texts from an unknown number may seem like a simple mistake. But, it is usually a scammer trying to steal personal information. Text scams cost Americans about $131 million in 2021. Read more about it here.

Scammers will use a range of stories in order to get a reply. Some common tactics are:

  • promise free prizes or gift cards
  • offer a low interest credit card
  • promise to help pay off loans
  • say they’ve noticed suspicious activity on your account
  • claim that there is a problem with your payment information
  • send a fake invoice asking you to contact them
  • send a fake package delivery notification

Keep in mind that the IRS will never contact you via phone. The service only contacts taxpayers via mail.

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What do I do if I get a spam text?

Don’t respond to the message and don’t click on any links if you feel it is fraudulent. A few effective ways for filtering out the messages are:

  • block the number from your phone
  • block robo calls through your service provider here
  • use a call blocking app

If you get a spam message, there are three ways to report it:

  • report it on the messaging app you use, there should be an option to report to junk or spam
  • copy the message and forward it `to 7726(SPAM)
  • report it to the FTC here

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