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Palmyra Town Board plans to cut Supervisor Ken Miller’s salary

The Palmyra Town Board announced its plans last week to reduce the salary of Town Supervisor Ken Miller and set specific work hours following an incident in early March.

The Town Board held a special meeting on Thursday, March 31 led by acting Supervisor Jim Welch, who is filling the role while Miller is on leave until April 12.

On March 9, Miller, who also chairs the county Board of Supervisors, was found unconscious and intoxicated in his home after failing to attend a county meeting.

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Welch stated Town Attorney Paul Rubery is tasked with drawing up a local law to allow the board to reduce Miller’s salary. State law dictates his salary can only be reduced at budget time without a local law in place. Board members are also calling for specific work hours for Miller, said Welch.

“I think we wanted to send a message that this conduct is unacceptable. We can’t force him to resign,” said Welch on Friday, April 1, according to Finger Lakes Times.

Welch said Miller was informed about the Board’s plan.