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Suave antiperspirant recall

Suave antiperspirants are being recalled.

Suave recall. Photos sourced from FDA

Unilever issues voluntary nationwide recall of Suave 24- Hour aerosol and powder protection due to presence of Benzene.

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Sauve recall

24-hour protection aerosol antiperspirant powder and 24- hour protection aerosol antiperspirant fresh.

Are being recalled due to elevated levels of Benezene.

Benezene is a human carcinogen.

Exposure to this can cause cancers including leukemia.

And blood cancer of the bone marrow and blood disorders.

Which can be life threatening.

These products were sold all over the U.S..

And includes products with an expiration date through September 2023.

Packages will have the following UPC codes

  • 079400751508
  • 079400784902
  • 079400785503

Consumers with questions about this recall can call 866-204-9756.


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