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IRS: How can I track my tax refund?

Filing electronically through the IRS is the fastest way to get refunded.

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If you want to know when you’ll get it, track the refund.

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How do I track my refund?

You’ll usually get your check 21 days after filing online or 6-8 weeks after mailing in the paper return. Read more about it here.

IRS payment statuses are updated once a day, usually overnight. You can usually begin checking the status within 24 hours of the IRS receiving your electronic taxes. The status will likely be available four weeks after filing a paper return.

The easiest way to track your refund is by using the official IRS refund tracker. The IRS also has a mobile app, IRS2go.

To use the tracker tool, you’ll have to provide your Social Security number, filing status, and your refund amount. Enter the information and click submit. You should then be directed to a page that displays your refund status.

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