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Cayuga Community College selects new trustee to fill vacant slot

The Cayuga Community College (CCC) Board of Trustees selected a new trustee, marking the first time the position has been occupied since 2019.

Last week, the board selected Mark Coleman of Sennett to fill one of the trustee seats on the 10-person board.

Coleman’s board seat is one of four appointed by the governor’s office. The governor’s office filled one of two vacancies in March 2021 when Angela Winfield joined the board, but the other remained vacant until this month, according to The Citizen.

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Coleman is a local entrepreneur and author as well as a 1996 CCC graduate. He is the President and Independent Sustainability and Management Advisor for Convergence Mitigation Management (CMM). Coleman was formally sworn in as a new trustee by Cayuga President Dr. Brian Durant on Thursday, March 24, 2022.

“This feels like everything has come full-circle, having an opportunity to leverage my experience and knowledge to help the College where I started my collegiate academic pathway,” said Coleman, according to a press release. “I’m excited to have this chance to support the College as it guides students and explores new avenues to prepare our workforce, and to help Cayuga continue forming strong partnerships in our communities.”