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Recall: Drug recall due tot poison risk

This drug is being recalled due to a risk of poisoning

Recalled drugs. Sourced by FDA

Acme United Corporation is recalling PhysiciansCare brand over the counter drugs.
Due to poison risk.

H&M sold flammable sleepwear

Drug recall

Failure to meet child resistant packaging requirement poses possible poison risk.

Since these drugs have not been properly package if a child gets ahold of them it’s possible for them to open and swallow them.

This can lead to poisoning.

The following PhysiciansCare drugs are included

  • Asprin
  • Extra Strenght Non Asprin
  • Extra Strength Pain Reliever
  • Ibuprofen
  • Medication Station
  • Mutli-Pack

There was around 165,000 affected packages.

The recalled items were sold on and

From February 2014 through June 2021.

If you have purchased these items you should immediately store the recalled products in a safe location out of reach of children.

And contact Acme United for information on how to dispose of or return the product and receive a full refund.

Acme United is contacting all purchasers directly.

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